FAQ – Insulation

1What Insulation do you install?
We only use Autex Greenstuf home Insulation manufactured locally in Auckland by Autex, a New Zealand company established over 45 years ago.
2What is the Insulation made from?
GreenStuf® contains a minimum 45% recycled polyester fibre made from used and recycled PET plastics. GreenStuf® is made from only 100% polyester fibre and does not contain chemical binders such as formaldehyde commonly used in fibre-glass insulation products. This also allows GreenStuf® to be recycled indefinitely and Autex in NZ will gladly recycle used, uncontaminated GreenStuf® insulation to help keep it out of land-fill. For more information on recycling GreenStuf® in NZ contact Autex on freephone 0800 428 839.
3Does the Insulation come with a warranty?
GreenStuf® Insulation is supported by a 50 year Durability Warranty so you get exactly what you pay for, and you know your insulation will continue to perform for at least 50 years.
4What happens when it gets wet?
GreenStuf® is not affected by moisture. Exposure to an atmosphere of 50°C at 90% relative humidity for four days showed moisture absorption by weight of less than 0.03%.v
5How long does it take to install?
Roughly 4-5 hours for a 120m2 house depending on height and access.
6How long will it take to install once I give the go ahead?
We can usually schedule installs within 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner if it’s urgent.
7How much does it cost to get a quote?
A comprehensive assessment and quote is completely FREE and there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to make you decide right away.
8How long does the quote process take?
Usually 45-60 minutes is sufficient time carry out a full assessment and quote outlining your options.
9What time can you carry out a quote as I work during the week?
We’re happy to schedule a free quote and assessment at a time that’s convenient for you.
10Can you provide a quote over the phone?
As each house is unique in some way, it’s not possible to accurately quote over the phone. This is why we provide a free assessment and quote to ensure our quoted prices are accurate and come with no surprises.
11Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we only require a 25% deposit before we can commence work. Our bank account details are clearly identified on the quotation.
12Do you have finance options?
Not at the moment, but we do accept major credit cards and if you live in Auckland or Wellington there is an option of putting the cost on your rates.
13How do I book a quote?
Simply call our free phone number 0800 29 29 99, or click here and fill in our on-line request.