Funding Options

EECA Energywise

Installed were one of the largest approved partners of the EECA Energywise Warm Up New Zealand programme. As part of the government subsidies available in the Auckland, Waikato and Wellington regions for ceiling and underfloor insulation, we installed 30,000+ homes throughout New Zealand. The EECA program is no longer available.

Give us a call on 0800 29 29 99 to discuss our current funding options.

Help from your bank

If you have a mortgage with one of the following New Zealand banks, you might be able to add the cost of insulating your home to your mortgage.

You would pay back the insulation or heating costs with interest over the term of your mortgage. Some banks may agree to waive any associated fees but you should discuss this with them. You just need to:

  • Get a no obligation free quote from Installed.
  • Take this quote to your bank.
  • Discuss the options for adding to your existing mortgage.
Contact the participating banks to find out more about their offer.

Local Council Rates Programmes

If you live in Auckland or Wellington you can pay for your Insulation through your rates.

Call us on 0800 29 29 99 to discuss.

Q Card Finance

Q card is for buying the things that matter. Get 6 months interest free on all purchases.

Call us on 0800 29 29 99 for more information.

To get pre approval for a card CLICK HERE