Environmentally Friendly & New Zealand Made


GreenStuf® products all contain a minimum of 45% already recycled polyester made from used and recycled PET plastics. Because there are no nasty additives, GreenStuf® products are fully recyclable at the end of their lives.


Autex is a New Zealand-based manufacturing and product development company specializing in textiles and advanced fibre technology. Established in 1967, Autex is 
founded on principles of innovation and outstanding customer service and committed to environmental best practice. Greenstuf® insulation products are manufactured in their Avondale, Auckland manufacturing plant.


Non-irritant, non-allergenic and non-toxic. Completely safe for you and your family. Unlike some other insulation products, there are no chemicals added to GreenStuf® so there will never be a health risk to you or your family. GreenStuf®is even safe for asthma sufferers.


Endorsed by Asthma New Zealand

Greenstuf® insulation has been independently assessed by Asthma New Zealand and accepted into their Breathe Easy programme as a product that is safe for asthma sufferers.


GreenStuf® Insulation is supported by a 50 year Durability Warranty so you get exactly what you pay for, and you know your insulation will continue to perform for at least 50 years.


BRANZ Appraisal

Greenstuf® products are independently appraised for NZA compliance by BRANZ. Copies of the current Certificate (Appraisal No.380-2008) are available online at


Environmental Choice NZ

Individual Greenstuf® products carry Environmental Choice Accreditation. Thermal performance, manufacturing ingredients and processes, energy efficiency policies, recycling and waste management programmes are the criteria taken into account.