Why Insulate?

Save Money

Insulating your home is an investment. A fully insulated home is generally worth more and is definitely more desirable than an uninsulated home.

In the last decade electricity costs have increased significantly. You can reduce the effect of future rises by choosing better insulation in your home today.

A fully insulated house needs about half the heating of an un-insulated house. In fact, paying a bit more for insulation now will save you money well into the future, as increased savings each year will eventually pay for the insulation that will continue saving you money, year after year after year.

Well insulated homes provide year round comfort

  • Warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot outside
  • Many homes built before insulation became mandatory in 1978 have none at all. In other cases, the insulation may have been in place for years and over time have slumped or broken down and will not be working properly any more and is well below today’s standards.
  • Effective house insulation pays immediate dividends. A University of Otago study has shown that improving the home environment through insulation and heating cut hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38%. As a bonus, energy use was reduced by 19%.

Improved health

World Health Organisation research has shown that if your home is consistently below 18°C, you are much more likely to suffer from colds, bronchitis and asthma. One in six New Zealand adults and one in four children experience asthma symptoms. These are among the highest rates in the World, and it’s no wonder when one in three of our homes are poorly insulated.

Recent studies in New Zealand have found a definite link between insulation and health. The Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences study showed:

  • A significant drop in energy use when the houses were insulated.
  • Once the houses were insulated, they were drier and warmer.
  • People in insulated houses reported their houses were “significantly warmer”.
  • There was a significant improvement in the self-reported health of those living in the insulated houses compared to those whose houses were not insulated.
  • Adults and children in insulated houses reported visiting their GP less.
  • Adults and children in insulated houses reported that they were admitted to hospital less often for respiratory conditions.
  • People living in insulated houses reported less visible mould inside their homes.

Safe & Trusted product

It makes sense to insulate your family home with a trusted, safe and friendly insulation product such as New Zealand made GreenStuf®. GreenStuf® has been around for over 13 years and is the number one choice for many of New Zealand’s leading building industry professionals and now it’s available to you. GreenStuf® polyester insulation has been used to insulate many Government and public buildings across NZ including the Beehive, Schools and Hospitals, NZ Fire Service Fire Stations, retail shopping centres, movie theatre complexes, commercial and apartment buildings, and thousands of homes across New Zealand and Australia.

GreenStuf® is made from only polyester fibres – the same as pillows and duvets used by most New Zealanders every night. There are no nasty chemicals in GreenStuf that you could find in other common insulation products, so you can rest assured choosing GreenStuf® today is a great choice for our tomorrow.

You can also rest assured that we will install your insulation correctly and to the highest possible standard. All our installers are professionally trained, and our quality systems provide audit checks to make sure your insulation is snug and safe. All installers are security checked and fully insured providing you with total peace of mind.

Like so many of our satisfied customers, we know you’ll love the difference!